video editing default view vs movie node to bring in footage

Hello everyone,

I have been working with the Blender VSE and compositor for about a week now watching every tutorial I can find and trying different things out. My goal is to make short videos about cars and different event coverage I record with my DSLR and Gopro.

I have a questions about a great tutorial I watched.

The sequence I am talking about start 6:25 into the video If you want to actually view it.

In this tutorial he starts out by using the default view and setting up the camera, setting images a planes, makes some edits to the video size then takes that into compositor to use the nodes to do color correction, grading etc.

Is there a benefit to doing this default camera view setup (not sure what to call it) over just using the movie node in the compositor and bringing my footage that way?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I have no idea why most of that tutorial was done in 3D view or compositor. You can do all that in the VSE… except the for the grain. Make a vignette with the mask tool, add it to a transform effect above your clip. Render 1 second of noise from 3D view and loop it in the VSE scene. All blurs and color work can be done in VSE. Although you will get greater color fidelity in compositor. But do a test and see if you can spot the difference.

OK… Good to know.

I have been using the compositor to color grade everything because of the tools available with the “T” Scopes, waveform, etc. Are you able to get those tools while in the VSE.

The way I have been going at my workflow so far is to bring the clips one by one into the compositor using the movie node, make my changes using the tools, render and save the final clips, then bring them into the VSE and do the color grade /film look in the VSE. It has been great to help me learn to use nodes but am I making more work for myself?

Yes and yes. Sorry. But its good to learn the compositor as well.

Check this out:

That video is great and all but this is the information I am really after.

Thats an old version of Blender now (and an old version of me as well). I made a much better Blender Color Grading tutorial for CG Cookie. But I think that you have to be a subscriber to access it.

If you are a member here is the course:

I was considering paying a subscription for a bit to watch some of the tutorials so I’ll check it out when I do.

A non related to my original question but its my thread so whatever question.

In the compositor the viewer on the bottom always crops in. Is there a way to fix that?

Your source media and the project dimensions don’t match. The VSE auto scales to fit images, but the compositor doesn’t. It requires that you use a scale node to match up.

Thank you.