Video from Hell Mision 3

Hi I make new video from Hell Mision 3

Video : 1 min 31 s (4.88 MB)
New Galery :

Very nice trailer, the lensflare is great, and the blood and limp physics looks very nice. I think this would be a nice game to play. I hope the music will rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

good work, nice graphics and i like the blood decals and physics too!
is it hard to implement the lensflare effect?
the only thing that i don’t like much is the impact of the shoots, it don’t feel right to me…
anyway keep up good work :wink:

Cool. I really liked it. Keep up the good work!

This looks cool. :slight_smile:
It is kind a light, i would make it a bit more darker. :wink:

The Lensflare is realy primitive to implementent!
I use much light,because this is a first room,new room have a little bit dangerous and frightend athmosphere.

Thanks for look

%| Hey, pretty impressive so far. Hehe, rolling head, I see you’ve utilized rigid bodies.

Hmm, I noticed that the the text is in something other then english. Would it be too much trouble to have 2 finished versions of the game in the future? One with english and the current language that’s used in that video. Seeing how most people here are able to speak english, we’d all benefit if there was an english one.

Jason Lin