Video instead of Image Texture?

Hey, I want to use a video clip/animation in place of a still image texture.

For example, I have a TV I’ve modeled and I want to take a video clip I created and place it on a plane and put that in the screen of the TV.

I’ve tried a number of routes but no success. Does Blender even have the ability to do that?:confused:


Yes if you have an image sequence you load up the first frame and then on your F6 buttosn panel under the image tab you set it to sequence - I believe that the sequence plays at the FPS that you already have set for the animation.

There is a movie button as well as sequence but i have only heard of sequence working.

Hopefully someone with some actual experience will chime in - I just have studied several blender books and remember thsi is one way to do it.

Thanks! I tried that and it works amazingly! That opens up a whole new area of possibilites for texturing… Thanks a lot!