Video of Fan : Veigar, the Tiny Masterchef of Evil

Hello there,

Just posting my last video, that I’ll definetly call finished, in this section (already posted in “Animation” section, so if doubles are not accepted, just tell me :

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A while ago, I discovered that Riot Games offered the soundtrack from League of Legend on its website.
And, oh surprise, my favorite character had his own track!
Time flew, but an idea kept growing. I had to bring the wizard to life and set forth his tale of darkness and magic.
Summer ended, light started its slow decline and Veigar’s grasp only strengthened over my soul. A work had to be done… For month later, here is the result, dug out of hellfire (the brand new name of my laptop after my work station snapped…).

Project information
Started 28th August 2017
Modeling, texturing, compositing, animating and video sequencing were all done in Blender (versions 2.78 & 2.79).

For stats lovers :

  • 44 blender files
  • 48 sequences rendered
  • 38 Go in the project folder (25 Go of models + 13 Go of frames and roadmap)
  • 1 gamer motherboard burned in the process (okay, that’s probably not only because of the project x)

I uploaded fire and hourglass models on Blendswap with the tag “TMCoE”.

Resources :

  • Textures come from (link below)
  • Lines have been drawn with “EdgeNode v2.4.1” from Blender NPR
    (link below)

Credits :

Other sites and resources commonly used :

like the cartoon style, but in my opinion, some parts are so “black”, think dark athmosphere is good, but in some parts is full dark.

last week buyed veigar… 0-8 if i remember well, is not easy play well with it :slight_smile:

Ok, you’re not the first to tell me that. You probably speak of the outside views (castle, gargoyl, etc…).
Maybe that I’ll take some time to correct this point, because it sound quite annoying for watchers.
Thank you for the advice =)