video on a sphere glitch

I’m using a video clip as the texture for the surface of a sphere with the intent that the sphere will appear something like a mirrored glass Christmas ornament. I am able to do this without much trouble, but there does appear to be one serious problem - the projected video seems to have a tear in it that I can’t get rid of. Any ideas why this would be?

Steps used to create “effect”:

Created new project
Deleted cube
Add/Surface/NURBS Sphere
Create new material
Create new texture for material - Texture type = image
Click “Movie” and load
Set # of frames

I can tweak the lighting and camera angles, but I still end up with a tear (or smear if you like) running approx. 225 degree angle from center to the edge.


Perhaps an image would better describe what I’m having trouble with.

Note the smear.
Note also that the image does not look like it’s really projected onto the surface of the sphere (no deformation near the edges).

The mapping is ORCO. Changing the mapping to “Global” I can get this:

but again the 3D effect, to me, looks weak.

Can someone suggest how to fix this or point me to somewhere I can figure it out myself? Thanks.[/img]

Have you tried a spherical mapping?

You could always use a plane for the movie texture and make the sphere with ray-mirror actually reflect the plane. This would probably give you the result you are looking for.


Hmm, an interesting idea that I had not thought of, but I wonder if that would work for my intended end-result of having multiple spheres (with different video clips) drifting around.

As it is now, I’m using “Map Input” setting of “Flat” for the video and “Map to” setting of “sphere”.