Video Output - Encoding Panel

I feel really dumb and a bit lost with the animation stuff…
Been reading the manual but cannot find where the ‘Encoding Settings Panel’ is located.
I won’t say how long I’ve been looking for it…too embarrassed :flushed:

This panel, where is it? Thanks.

You know the vertically oriented tabs on the right side of the default blender window, where you can select physics properties, or modifiers? There is one with a printer icon, near the top. The panel you are looking for should be under the output settings in that tab.

Thank you, Isaiah
Found it :slightly_smiling_face:

I did look under that tab, but didn’t look closely enough, the ‘dimensions’ drop-down menu was open, I should have scrolled down in that work area to the bottom…as I use a laptop with a small screen (34cm W x 19cm H).

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Glad I could help!