Video player to play video frame-by-frame side-by-side

Learning how to animate, I find I would greatly appreciate the ability to view two rendered animations side by side, fully synchronised (so no dodgy start/stop in multiple windows) and move through them simultaneously frame by frame. Is there known software for this that is Linux-compatible?

I personally like DJV

You can set in the preferences that you want multiple instances of DJV for every file you open.

  • I only use DJV to play image sequences, i’m not sure if DJV can handle AVI or other container formats.

I don’t see that option in the preferences. I can create a new window of DJV, but pressing play in one doesn’t play in the other one as well. In other words, the windows are separate - they are not synchronised.

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Use Blender?
Open VSE, load first animation, load second animation, double horizontal rendersize, pan second animation to the side, watch.

With widescreen formats it’d probably be more efficient to stack the screens top & bottom, but arexma has the right idea. Scrubbing the VSE is sometimes chancy but using the keyboard arrow keys you can get frame-by-frame without skipping. Real-time playback, that’s another matter altogether.