Video Sequence Denoiser

I tested Neat Video Plugin for Virtual Dub and I got a fantastic result.

Source video: 10 samples with different seed for different frames:


But it is proprietary software. Is it possible to add similar filter to Blender’s video sequencer? Or advise free analogue for Linux

set the seed value in the render panel to #frame this is set the seed value to the frame number so there is some randomness.

edit: sorry after re reading you question this will not help in your case.

You could render it out in different passes and then blur the glossy or shadow pass. Those are the passes where the most noise happens, afaik.

I know each frame filtering method using bilateral blur for passes. It’s different. It calculates the noise pattern for the whole sequence and requires much less samples.

I’ve used Neat Video recently too for cleaning up Cycles results. Especially if you set Neat Video to multi-frame evaluation it smooths things out even more. It makes it possible to use Cycles with far fewer passes. Would be awesome to have a nice built-in solution in Blender, especially since there’s potential for much more advanced noise reduction, since Blender has access to the 3d data through the compositor.

video examples

(press “Скачать” for downloading)

i use virtualdub a lot, and have often combine several filters to remove noice from video.
Look for virtualdub filter noice some there are several smoothing and edge perserving filters.
As well as time delay based smooth filters (there the previous #frame tip comes in handy).
here a link with some good free filters :

Notice also for compositor there exist some pre smoothing node setups

And i red that AS sampler has been improved to better remove fireflies, possibly low noice too (not sure), but i have not yet seen a compiled downloadable link yet

Sometimes even adjusting codec bitrate can remove noice (noice is data that doesnt match most of the image and can get lost by compress/decompress), but thats a bit fine art of tuning video codecs, its not easy, only practice to learn, there are no rules for it.