Video Sequencer Editor [Add-Ons] - List from the VSE FB group


(tin2tin) #1

The VSE Add-On List(backup):

As you may know, a Facebook group for the Video Sequencer Editor has recently been created. You can join here: It is called: Video Editing in Blender Sequencer

One of the things we have been doing is collecting links to VSE add-ons in a now 7 pages long list. If you want to add your add-on to the list, then join the group and edit the Google document here:

Please notify the coders if you find bugs or have comments.

'The Video Sequence Editor Reworked' - download and feedback here
(CYNIC78) #2

Good addon. But main issue with blender VSE for me is that it working with frames not with time, so changing speed of sequence is pain (you have to add speed strip instead just changing length of strip) and matching audio with this workflow is also confusing. :frowning:

(tin2tin) #3

There are no scripts on the list for changing the playback speed of clips. You better look on Youtube for tutorials on that.

(CYNIC78) #4

I know and thats why i preffer other video editors. But i wish VSE had such feature to work with time not with frames.

(tin2tin) #5

David McSween shared this tutorial on this topic (in the VSE FB group) a few days ago:

(tin2tin) #6

Now we got 7 Word pages of links to Video Sequencer Editor add-ons for you!

Including Snuq’ brand new add-on which exports sequencer audio edits to Reaper or Samplitude DAWs in EDL format:

(Nicolas esser) #7

Realy good idea. I use blender VSE often.
You think, in 2.8 the VSE is better ?

Is possible to use Time or Frame. CTRL+T when your mouse is on Time Line.