Video Sequencer. I have a Bug and a Question


I have been using sequencer to edit a few videos. Before finding blender I tested many other tools, and I found blender to be the easiest one to use, and the most stable… Awesome tool!

Now I have a small bug issue to report, and a question to ask.

The bug:
I am using the sequencer to edit videos I capture with CamStudio. I convert this videos to image sequences and import them into blender using Add > Image, and selecting all images.
Then, I hard cut the main clip to make my short clips. The bug is that the cut is not considered Hard by blender until I save the project and close the software. The next time I open blender, my clips are hard cuts.

The question:
With audio clips, how to I remove the text from the clip? I would like to see only the waveform to know where the silences are, but the text is drawn on top of the waveform.

Thank you!

1/ hmmm thats odd. I just tried and hard cut works fine on my 64bit mac build 2.74. Try downloading a new build from Blender Build Bot

2/ You cannot. Sorry it’s an often complained about design ‘feature’. Try Stretching your display vertically to show more waveform.

Thank you 3pointEdit.
I downloaded 2.74 and it seems to be working correctly now… my hard cuts are respected.