Video Sequencer.......smooth anim from few jpegs

Not sure if this is even possible in Blender - or whether it’s the most suitable software - but I thought it may be given that Blender has a video sequence module…it may just be:

I have a series of jpeg images that I want to turn into a movie (say 10 jpegs)…however each jpeg is a 5 second exposure of the Aurora Borealis.

What I want to do is turn these 10 images into a 50 second movie - with each image fading into the next to make a smooth transitioning animation.

What do you think - possible - or look elsewhere?

In the sequence editor just have each strip of the image 5 seconds long … then between them use the “cross” effect strip.

Select both images in the sequencer, then click Add->Effect Strip->Cross. You will get that pink box which is the duration of the fade.

Though personally I would use something like Vegas for this … but the above method works just fine.

Cool thanks.

I had no idea that cross could be horizontal! Huh, how about that :wink: