video texture in game engine and script .. Some questions please^^

Hi all …:slight_smile:
I used blender 2,49 … and I want make video run through game engine with specific method …
I want specific frames from video to run with specific effect … example:
when I enter space key in game engine I want video run from fram 10 to fram 20 … And when I enter Q letter key ,I want the video run from fram 40 to 75 . and so…

I download demo from wiki site which have script about video just ( stop and start) but I cannot modified its to many frames with many specific keys:

Anyone cane help me please … Or make this script…
Thank you very much …

Hm. Well, there’s nothing in the API about accessing individual frames, or searching. Perhaps you could use print (dir()) to search the texture object for it’s methods and properties that relate to this.

Look at section “Setup source”. It explains the params of VideoFFmpeg

thank you …
I read source setup section but I don’t understand well … from demo I need explain this statements:
openVideo(’//trailer_400p.ogg’, 0)
openVideo(’//trailer_400p.ogg’, 1)

the second source will play 0.2s ahead of first one ==> kind of a motion blur

range = GameLogic.sources[1].range
range[0] += 0.2
GameLogic.sources[1].range = range

I do’t understand especially range statements… anyone can explain this please … Thanks