Video Texture Module (example blend)

I am not sure if something similar to this has already been posted, but I decided to post my way of adding video textures to games. It is the quickest and simplest way I have found so far.

Note: Video textures do NOT play sound, but it can be added later by extracting the sound from the video and playing it with a sound actuator.

Hope this helps those who need it.

Here is the file:

EDIT: The new version now uses the tutorialsforblender3D script.

I have now uploaded the files. I apologize for the delay, blenderartists wouldn’t let me upload :frowning:

cannot upload the zip .

wee… whats ? you have put also the video? (mayble is too big the file )


(no good copy and paste without citing the source :no:)

@MarcoIT: I actually wrote the script a while back when I was figuring out how to use the video texture module. The one from Tutorialforblender3d must do the same thing. I shall then use the tutorialsforblender3d script (as it will probably be better). I’ll re-upload a new one with their script. Thanks for telling me that there’s a similar script.

sorry, hamstaq, I did not want to be grumpy!

Well, we have quoted enough TFB now, anyway :stuck_out_tongue: