Video Texture Problem

Hey, I need some help with Video Texturing. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, or if there is a bug, or what. I go to textures, select image, then browse for the .avi file i need. I find it (It has an olive green square next to it saying it is a valid file) and open it. Nothing happens. A small bit of text appears underneath the file saying “Can not get an image.” Under preview, all it shows is black. Is it loaded correctly or not? And if so, how do I render it so it actually plays my video on the surface?

I need some desperate help.


It’s not loading correctly. This might be due to the blender version, or the avi codec for the texture. Sounds like you are doing it correctly so far, but the video isn’t loading.

The next step is going to be making sure the video is mapped appropriately, but you gotta get it loaded first.

Thank you ever so much. It just was in a bad format and was not compatible with blender. I used one of blender’s own exported videos for a texture and it worked. So I just need to find a file converter.