Video textures in GE!

Blender 2.48

Bug tracker is less than 50, no showstoppers
Final builds can be built as soon as tagging and splash committed
after release we should see about updating all of our libraries to their latest versions
Current Projects

theeth is making good progress on ‘etch-a-ton’
ben is working on video textures for the GE

I hope that work concerning Blender 2.50 will start soon as well.

bah… 2.50 who cares… lol… new features… for the GE are king!!.. Just kidding… development for the GE doesn’t really affect 2.5 that much… the game engine is in C++ allready…]

Also they are currently finishing Apricot first before moving on to the next thing…

It’s my understanding that some development has been going on for quite some time, but it has mostly been concepts and planning, rather than actual coding. 2.50 is the next release after 2.48, so the intensive work will start very soon, with 2.48 just around the corner.

I wish there was something us non-developers could do to help out the developers more, other than just suggesting things they could do.

Go and create some great artwork with Blender to help promote it!

Or write documentation that is concise and current, with clear examples and helpful tips.

Buy from the blender e-shop.