Video Tutorial Encoding Woes

I have created a 8 minute video tutorial, but am reluctant to post it. For some reason I cannot get the file size to be less than 100mb! I have tried Xvid and Divx, but I may not be setting something up the right way.

The video at the moment runs at 30ps with a resolution of 720x480. I tried setting it down to 512x380 at 15fps with a minimal change in file size. I have seen some people making file sizes as small as 7mb.

Does anyone have some advice on how I could accomplish this? I have virtual dub and blender, along with a slew of codecs. I think I lack the experience to optimize them though.


You could try uplading it to google video or youtube. I have put a simple tutorial there it was quite big (Cant remember exact size, over 200mb I think) I used a section of the screen and scrolled around, so that the blender buttons etc would be visible.

Also try reducing the SOUND quality. It can really be quite low for just someone’s voice. Dropping the sound quality down really helps filesizes.