Video tutorials needed !!!

Hey I just wanted you all to know of some video tutorials that I found and some were made on my request on by “iluvblender“. I thought it would be cool for the mighty users of the blender community to add more knowledge of blender on this site.
If any one out there is like me you find that learning is more understandable by seeing a video tutorial. Plus it is a time to show of skills even if you are not an expert.

Techniques such as charter rigging
Using plug ins as beast and cloth.
UV mapping and so on.
I am working on one at this time and post it soon.
Here are video tutorial links. I will add more to this list as I find more. Please post any if anyone finds more out there.
Video Tutorial Links

Created by “iluvblender“ . Hopefully more will be featured on

Here are some instructions on making the microwave tutorial.

Free tools that you can use to make your tutorials are capture video recorder that out puts to flash swf and avi.

Hi! Thanks for posting my site with translation
But the main parts of it already have translation to English (better than Google…):

Thanks anyway :wink: