[VideoGame] Want to be part of a Videogame project? (Tamer-alike)

Hi everyone,
2 months ago me and my team (composed with 2 coders, 1 artist (not really good tho) and 1 supervisor for storyboard mechanics and monsters stats balancing) started a simple but ambitious project of a videogame. Our main focus is actually to complete it and release it. Having a finished and polished product is our dream, this is our BIG TEST before taking a serious jump into VideoGame Creation Business.

I’m here because we lack of a 3d modeler / animator, since our artist can only do 2d drawings, i had to do everything of that aspect, but since i’m a coder it will take really some time before i can really learn and shine under that subject.

What i’m asking is this: Would you like to be part of a project of a Tamer Videogame?

Before we get into what you have to do if you’d like to partecipate, i’ll explain a bit what is a tamer game.
Tamer game means that the player will have a team of “Monsters” let’s call them like that (similar to pokemon), and the player will have to train their statistics through real gym’s or battles against other monsters to increase determinated stats. (unlike pokemon that you have only battles you will have to use specific training stations that will occupy your “monster” for some time in exchange of the wanted statistic)

Reached a certain Age (yes, monsters Age and Die) the “Monster” will be able to evolve in different various monsters based on its statistics, for example a monster with High Offense will lead to Evolution A, while the same monster but trained with high Def will lead to Evolution B, and so on creating a various tree of evolutions.

Repeating this process of birth/death of the monster the player will have to train and select different “monsters” to actually advance into the storyline progress.

------------------------- Sounds good to you? then read here below

If you want be part of it then you just have 2 choices.

  • You can work with us for the long term finished project. creating many “monsters” and helping us also on the other 3D model creations such as npc/world/items etc etc. based on weekly assigned directions (nobody will push you if you do not have time, don’t worry)
  • You can just partecipate creating a “monster”, your contribution will help us a lot!

------------------------- How to a monster and What to do.

Style of the game: “Cartoonish”

  1. We already planned to use a Cell Shaded type art style, bright and vivid colors with also high contrast shadows, with the help of many lighting and particle effects to make everything more colorful. keep that in mind.
  2. We already planned and already made models for monsters keeping a “low poly but not so low” profile. We like having not so smoothed models to give that idea of “retro-game” without getting too close of that retro style. Let’s say 3k/3.5k Polys
  3. Horror is not allowed. i’m not saying zombies, i’m not allowing gore and such things into the projects since those would not fit the tamer game and the art style.

Elements of monsters

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Wind
  4. Earth
  5. Metal

Grades of Evolutions

  1. Basic, consists in a super basic monster like a chibi version (small size), let’s say something cute.
  2. Intermediate, we can start seeing initial details and character of the monster (size of a human or less)
  3. Advanced, still top quality evolution for this stage so details are important.
  4. Ultimate, final and last evolution.

Types of “Monsters”
I’m calling them monsters because we still don’t have a name for them yet, but the game will not be based only on monsters, it will include also Humanoid Versions.
By that i mean that monsters MUST NOT be completely human, they can remember humanoids having faces,hands and other things but you can clearly separate a monster from a human.

------------------------------------ Let's start working!

Chose an element and a grade of evolution and submit your art/model :slight_smile:

if you want to talk to me privately send me an email to -> [email protected]
Thank you, Marco.