videotexture looks pale


I often use .mov files as texture. Combining it with the original .mov files on the Final Cut Pro timeline the result looks pale.
Even if i set the video texture shadeles and render it in the highest possible way i have to correct it with a colercorrector.
When i use a still, let say a PNG the result is the same as the original on a timeline.
What can be the problem, or how do i solve it.



This is most likely a problem with the .mov compression. I know from experience that both Final Cut and Adobe Premier have major issues displaying .mov the same as Blender.
I really don’t have any suggestions except maybe try different compressions or another file format.

Thanks for your reaction. I used all kinds of compressions, and now i only export uncompressed video.
The scource material is always XDcam HD so that’s not the problem (or maybe it is the problem)



Well I can’t be of any help then…
I will be watching this thread because like I said I never really solved the problem either I just used a different format.

I just did a quick test and can see what you mean. It is a little paler when I compare it to the source file in after effects. When I turned off OSA, it seemed closer to the original.

Yes i know, but turning off OSA is not an option.
I fix it with a colercorrector but it would be nicer if it would use the original quality.
To see the result maybe you can look at the TV program i make weekly using Blender for the laeder, and a custom transition. The transition (changing panels) is on 3/4 of the program. (dutch TV program)

i don’t know if this solves what you asked for, but couldnt you let the material of the texture emit?
what do you mean with, that you render it in the highest possible way?