View and Control Mess Ups

I have been noticing annoying glitches that are happening. The first is where the “controller adder” that appears in the toolbar doesn’t like to give up an old object name you gave a controller to. Say I added a controller to Cube. That name seems to get stuck, so if I try to add a controller to Empty it just adds it to Cube and I have to type in Empty into the toolbar to get it to go to the right place.

The second is a weird viewing control mess up that happens to me when ever I press P and then ESC, and then try to leave the camera view. Like my mouse wheel will be inverted, but only work one way. and the numpad 3, 1, and 7 give me upside down views. Has anyone else been getting this?


The first issue only happens for me if you try to connect a sensor to an actuator. It doesn’t seem to appear otherwise.

I’m not sure about the second issue; I seem to have noticed something where immediately after exiting, I re-enter the BGE once, but it doesn’t happen reliably.