View Hotkeys Behaving Strangely

In a new startup project, if I orbit with my mousewheel button (I am emulating 3-button mouse) and I then hit one of the view hotkeys (NUM1, NUM3, etc.), it orbits to that view perfectly.

In the project I’m currently working on, somewhere along the line I broke something, and when I rotate then hit one of these hotkeys, it rotate properly, but it also pans the view as well (sometimes enough that what I was working on is out of view).

I’ve attached the blend, since it seems to have something to do with the blend’s setup.

ampharos.blend (890 KB)

So I just tried turning off “rotate around selection” in user preferences, and that makes the issue go away. I like this setting though, and with a new project with a single cube everything behaves properly with the setting enabled. So I’m thinking it could have something to do with selection.