View materials by scene?

Good afternoon to all!
My question is:
Is it possible to limit the visible materials in materials list to the active scene?
Don’t see the point to have a very big list of materials if a lot of them don’t belong to the actual scene.
Thank you!

are you using more then one scene ?

material are under scene hierarchy as I know of !

happy cl

Not really… they are stored in, which is scene independent.

@MADCello, unfortunately the template_ID() is hard coded and iirc it cannot be changed from the UI perspective… :frowning:

at top right for outliner
you have a choice to select current scene so this should limit mat to the current scene

data is one list for file agreed
but there is a hierarchy of things in bl

File - scenes - layers - Objects- Mat

but not all windows use all the possibilities
might give more possibilities with script

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Yes, in the outliner that works, but in the material tab, it will still show all the materials in the blend file. :frowning:

Thank you all!
Could be added to the wish list, to simplify stuff! :slight_smile:
Thank you JuhaW. Interesting Addon, have to explore it!