Viewing multiple UVs on Same Texture?

I have multiple objects that I want to use one texture file for.
What I’m wondering , is it possible to see the UVs of another object while I’m working on positioning the UV’s for the current object I’m UVing?
That way i can better position the UVs of all the other separate objects on my Texture.
Is this possible?
Thank you.

Select ‘Draw Other Objects’ and the other objects you want to display

Thank you… strange though… .for some reason it’s not working on mine.
(Blender 2.66.1)
I’ll noodle around and see if I’ve messed around with some setting.

I just tried it again… and it’s not working for me.
What version are you using?
I’m using v2.66.1

You have to Shift + Click first the oject you’ve allready UV’d, and the the one you want to work on… and it’ll show a template of the other object’s UVs.
Ok… I can sleep now.