Viewing python file

I’ve got a simple question here. I have came across some of the finished projects here in this forum but i’m wondering how can i view to the python code tht have been use in blender game engine. In the controller (logic brick), it says python code has ben used but i can’t view in the text editor. Is there any other way? Hope you get what i mean. Thanks. I’m just trying to learn. Thanks a bunch!

You should be able to see any text in the text editor. Click the two arrows that point up and down to select. If this doesn’t help, post the .blend.

If there’s a python controller there’s likely to be code there as soon as you open the text editor. Most of the blends you’d download from this forum would have the text window open as you open the file.

Python code might be in an external file (*.py) too. It must be delivered with the blend file otherwise this code can’t be used and the Game wouldn’t run.

Thank you. I got it!:o

Hi, I’ve got another question. I have been following a tutorial which is the plank game tutorial from blender artist. The tutorial was done in blender 2.56 but i’ve tried doing it on blender 2.49 since it is more stable for game engine right? so the problem is i was not able to bounce the sphere. In 2.56, need to apply rigid body > bound(sphere) then add in material change the value in physics which is the elasticity. I tried doing in 2.49 by applying rigid body > bound(sphere) then add in material n change the value in DYN which is the restitute but was unable to make the sphere bounce. Why is that so?


Please open a separate thread with a meaningfull name. That makes more user finding your question ;).