Viewport light flickering effects are different from render results

Hey there!

I got following question/problem. I have created some clouds an put some lights in them. Via the graph editor i added a noise modifier to my lights so my clouds should be pulsating in a dark orange tone. Everything looks like it should in my viewport but when i render my animation it is not pulsating, it is flickering quite hard. I dont really want to trial and error because every render takes about 40min.

So does anyone know how to “fix” my viewport that way it shows the lights effects just as in the render?

Thanks in advance!



In the viewport shading ( top right, beside the outliner )click on the render tab. If this is not the case please elaborate :grin:

Or it might be something in the Graph editor? :thinking:

I am in rendered mode, everything looks exactly like it should. If i look at my rendered preview everything ist exactly like i want it to be when i watch my animation. After i render my animation though the output looks different. My clouds are not smoothly getting darker and brighter like it was in rendered viewport shading. Instead, they are changing their brightness very quickly and not smooth at all.
I dont know how to describe this further :sweat_smile:

I guess it hast to be some setting that has to do with the refresh rate of lights in the rendered viewport

Perhaps there is some tiny variations in your noise curve that are In between frames . So you should bake curve with an addon . I dont remember the name of it. But there is one for the graph editor.

Can it be something wrong with the colour changing animation you did?