Viewport recalculates displacements after every change

I have a major issue with Cycles viewport on 2.8 - the viewport goes into loops of refreshing the whole scene constantly, including displacements, after every tiny adjustment of view/parameters.
This is a major problem for me, since the scene contains large amounts of microdisplacements.
In 2.79 this was solved by displacement calculating only once after moving to Render View, and only textures/lighting recalculating, which allowed for easy adjustment of procedural textures that calculate instantly.
Now I have to wait 1-2s after every nudge, so that displacement can recalculate, which is a major setback of the workflow.
Is there any way to go back to the 2.79 viewport behaviour?

Another issue is that even this new behaviour work properly - the “refereshing” viewport usually gets stuck on “initializing” (and no, this isn’t the case of a paused viewport), and has to be moved to calculate properly.