Viewport remains pink even after finding missing textures

Hi there!

I’m new at Blender, so I must apologize if my question is a basic one and has already been answered…
In my work I had to move the textures folder (I used to have one for each .blend file) to one big textures folder located in the server.

This change caused the model to become entirely pink, as predicted. I searched for missing files, and pointed the path to the new folder. In LookDev preview all is normal (save for the textures of some people models, which are indeed missing). However, in rendered preview all is pinkish, although the textures are there…

How can I remove the pink veil?

Could it be the environment map / HDRI is missing?
( Properties Panel > World tab > Surface, Or Shader Editor > World).

For those seeing the title and think “Ah that is the issue I have”, there is an issue in the latest build see:

Description of issue: Texture coordinates node turns material color to pink in EEVEE. Works fine in Cycles.

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If this is the very latest build, then there’s a few known issues related to texture mapping not really working:

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I think you’re right! I removed the HDRI node (I discovered I don’t have the texture at my disposal right now) from the background node and everything looks fine now.

Thank you very much!

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And yes, I’m using the latest build - v2.80.60. Thank you for your references; If something doesn’t work, I’ll be aware.

Even tho it was not your issue it is affecting me … Texture Coordinate doesn’t currently work in EEVEE. I hope this gets solved soon.