VIEWS demo


I’m testing a viewing system for the BGE_AirRace game.

F1 = internal view
F2 = external view
F3 = Snap pan mode with numpad-keys
F4 = Mouse pan mode.
RMB = reset mouse view
MW = zoom in/out


I was posting in hurry.

This demo is not including the BGE_AirRace game. You can see only a planned viewing system(wip).

Any comments and/or critics about it?


Views_demo.blend (223 KB)



I figured out, the mouse pan mode is working pretty nicely with my TrackIR 4 Pro (+TrackIR 5 final B driver) mouse emulation.

New Controls:
F1 = internal view mode.
F2 = external view mode.
F3 = Snap pan mode with numpad-keys.
F4 = Mouse pan mode.
F11 = Reset mouse view to forward. This works nicely, if your TIR reset is on F12-key.
Mouse wheel up/down = zoom in/out in ext. view mode

A .blend file with that ‘same old fdm4bge test terrain’ from here:

It would be very nice, if TIR users here could give a hand and test this and tell how the TIR mouse emulation view is working for you.

Thank you for your advance.