Villa Butterfly

A project that I immediately fell in love with, and that required a lot of work to be able - in extremely tight deadlines - to carry it out and present it to the client.
Villa Battefly - Lecce.
Blender 2.93, Cycles, Scatter, Affinity Photo.



Holy moley :open_mouth: … a full house with exterior and interior and high realistic ! How many hours do you have spend for this work ?

By the way, nice detail with the stormtrooper figure :grin:

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Ahahah , Have you seen it!! :sweat_smile:
The first presentation was made the day after the start of the project. In practice, after just over 10 hours, all the exterior ( vegetation, lighting and renderings ) had been modeled.
In one week the complete interior design project was presented, including the 1000 changes in progress with…
3 variants have been made.


Nice, clean, razor sharp renders. Only little complain… water in pool is like mirror. Some people put big, unrealistic waves in small house pool, but totally flat look is somehow weird to me… Maybe just hobbit to see some details.

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Hi Alek!
Thanks for your feedback.
As written above due to lack of time, unfortunately the errors and imperfections are many more, I’m happy that you stopped only at the water! :grin:
Haste is always a bad travel companion.
In my intent I wanted to reproduce an atmosphere in the late afternoon, in the hot and torrid summer days of southern Italy, total absence of air, sultry heat, clear and clean sky …
Only the hypnotic sound of cicadas is missing. :upside_down_face:
But this lap I did not succeed.
Maybe I should have given a very slight movement, or the classic reflections of the water as in the other works …
Thanks again.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Tnx Bart!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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