Villa Fraterna Residence

ArchViz of a residential project on the outskirts of Hermosillo, Sonora, México, designed by Kontexture Architects.

Render Info:

Modeled: Blender 4.0.
Addons: Geo-Scatter.
Rendering: Cycles GPU Optix 1024/512 samples with denoiser, 256px Tile size.
Resolution: 3840x2160px.
Post-production: Photoshop.
Memory Usage: 19GB peak
Render times: 15 min.

PC Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X.
GPU: Nvidia RTX 4090 24GB.
RAM: 64GB ddr4 3200Mhz.


Looks nice, my only critic would be the site left of the building, it looks to empty and unpleasing, especially with the huge wall. Some bushes would help to make it a bit more unseen.

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How did you do it with the exposure? HDRI?

You are right that the framing is too far to the left, let’s say that this is one of those cases of not-lying in the graphic representation of the project, that is, it was important to show a little of the empty lot on the side, for the client’s interest and the proportion of the image corresponds to a printed canvas that will be on the site for sale.

But I agree with your observation, a 1:1 or 4:3 ratio would be more attractive when focusing on the house.



I used an HDRI from Polyhaven: (, but it seemed to me that it cast very black shadows, it seemed that there was no ambient lighting or bounces of light to the shadows, so I used a little trick from a tutorial by Pau Homs ( to improve the lighting in the bounces, especially in shadows or dark areas:

And I gave it the final touches in post production.

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well done! I love it :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Great, Thanks! :grinning:

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