Vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar

Hi, some months ago when I was ill I had nothing to do so I modeled a guitar. Later I returned back to this project and did some simple scene for it.
Here is the result:
Hope you like it.

Rendered in BI for 16 hours (on my old AthlonXP) with optimized Linux SVN build.

Wow! that is amazing. My only problem with it is the texture on the amp really bothers my eyes. Everything other than that is superb

*** :eek: *** (speechless)

yeah that amp texture (the cloth or whatever not the actual mesh in front of the speaker) is a bit off but nearly unnoticeable behind that majestic guitar that just screams

That is a very impressive BI render. Awesome work.

Yeah, the textures knock this one down a bit. Also, seems like your spec values are a bit high overall as well.

Great modeling though. Really nice work.