Vintage kitchen - isometric


(csimeon) #21

Very nice, great mood and interesting selection to use an isometric camera: works for me, so that it’s both realistic and detached at the same time, so it challenges me as a viewer.
Picking on details: The counter top (wood) to the right of the sink, is not rough enough, in my opinion, too shiny and reflective (almost as much as the porcelain of the sink). A little roughness may be missing in a couple more materials.

Nice of you to share setups.

(Gwenouille) #22

Excellent work…
One of my favourite lately !

(Thesonofhendrix) #23

I love this. Loads of really nice objects…, I see you used clusters of dense detail but still enough negative space to let the eyes rest. I learnt about that trick on a youtube video the other day, and i plan to use it myself someday.

(Beebeedubyu) #24

Thats so cool. Theres something really cute about it yet it is still uber realistic. This is what pulled me to this website when I saw it on Google Images.

(Astro1derboy) #25

Incredible work! Look forward to seeing more. :RocknRoll:

(drtomtron) #26

This is fantastic. I love the aesthetic, the color, the modeling, all of it, but its the lighting that really sets the mood and pulls it together. Great work man!

(rombout) #27

There is a addon which creates different kinds of isometric views. Super handy and had couple presete

(Mrphil) #28

Nice, I could study this for hours. Thank you!

(azn_mj) #29

Wow this is so detailed. How long did it take?

(Operario) #30

exelannn nice work bro

(pali12345) #31

Well done!

(An0nym0us) #32

Love the lighting here. It’s something you rarely see in isometric images. Great Job.

(cold_fire99) #33

awsome - i’d really love to know how to do this by my own

(cold_fire99) #34

awsome :evilgrin:

(grundgedanke) #35

Don’t know where to start. I simply love the look and mood of this piece.

(Tom1) #36

Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been working in Blender on a crane for about a year, now, and just made my first skybox. Since I now know how difficult it is to get everything just right, I can really appreciate the detail in your efforts.

(rickprokosch) #37

Your texture work is simply perfect in my eyes. This is an amazing piece of work.

(yuhada) #38

So much charm in this piece. Bravo.

(kubra vachon) #39

What a cute charmful kitchen. So lovely I really adore color use!

(Mohamed El-Sirafy) #40

Nice work and realistic <3