Vintage kitchen - isometric

Hi, this is my last job. I put some captures of the process for the most curious :wink: Regards



really fantastic work. so realistic. I love it ! :slight_smile:

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Very good job. Lovely to look at.

Excellent work. I was recently trying to do something similar, but struggled aligning the camera properly to make a perfect hexagon. What angle of an isometric view is this? It looks to be around a 45x60?

wow amazing work,if you don’t mind where did you got your texture from?

This is so amazingly good that I’m left speechless. I admire your work!

I like it !!!

Very good job. How much time you spent on it?

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Really good job, thank you for sharing…

Fantastic job, congratulations.

Que bonito !

Very beautiful! If that were in some isometric game, I would not leave the area… at least for a while.

Stunning :slight_smile:

DId you use the “make iso camera” addon for this?

Looks great!

joseolmedo, thank you for showing your nice artwork. This is nostalgic from more points of view.

Hi, thanks for yours comments!!

rombout, no, I didn’t know that addon

EvilDeeds, I couldn’t tell you, it is a personal work that i have been leaving and resuming for several months

alfo, the textures i have taken from, pinterest, google, etc. Some are procedural, playing with the nodes, or painted by myself if i didn’t get what i was looking for.

GaretMckinley, I put a screenshot of the camera settings, i hope it helps.

Sorry my english…


Looking amazing. Thanks for sharing your node setup as well.

Oh, that is detailed. ) I like it very much. )

This is beautiful, you better mean “latest job” not last job, :slight_smile: jk

Don’t worry about your English, the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” is very conservative when viewing your images!

It’s just utterly awesome!