Vintage radio with Eevee [added animation]


(Torsten Dudai) #1

Old Grundig RF 420 radio. Created in Blender 2.80 with Eevee. Lighting is just from an HDRI with a lightprobe. That little doily in the front was more difficult to do than all the other models. Ended up using displacement for depth at the edges + transparency + bump, so that it wouldn’t just appear flat. 90000 faces! :slight_smile:
Textures are self-made, except for scratches and smudges and the wood, which is from Poliigon. HDRI from HDRIhaven.

(Torsten Dudai) #2

Cycles vs. Eevee test


Nice work. I perfectly remember this radio receiver !

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured! :+1:

(1D_Inc) #5

Nice Lace, also planning some)

(nikitron) #6

So natural and composition well done

(Pixelfox) #7

That lace doily totally makes this scene.

Did you use, or try using, adaptive displacement?

(Torsten Dudai) #8

you mean adaptive subdivision with displacement a.k.a microdisplacement? No, I think that only works in Cycles. Doesn’t it?

(Pixelfox) #9

Yes, sorry, missed that it was primarily Eevee (it’s only in the title and everywhere else lol)


(kkar) #10

It would be great if the radio dial is animated with some old radio sounds.

(Torsten Dudai) #11

Just wait… :slight_smile:
Working on it…

(Torsten Dudai) #12