Vintage radio with Eevee [added animation]

Old Grundig RF 420 radio. Created in Blender 2.80 with Eevee. Lighting is just from an HDRI with a lightprobe. That little doily in the front was more difficult to do than all the other models. Ended up using displacement for depth at the edges + transparency + bump, so that it wouldn’t just appear flat. 90000 faces! :slight_smile:
Textures are self-made, except for scratches and smudges and the wood, which is from Poliigon. HDRI from HDRIhaven.


Cycles vs. Eevee test


Nice work. I perfectly remember this radio receiver !

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Nice Lace, also planning some)

So natural and composition well done

That lace doily totally makes this scene.

Did you use, or try using, adaptive displacement?

you mean adaptive subdivision with displacement a.k.a microdisplacement? No, I think that only works in Cycles. Doesn’t it?

Yes, sorry, missed that it was primarily Eevee (it’s only in the title and everywhere else lol)


It would be great if the radio dial is animated with some old radio sounds.

Just wait… :slight_smile:
Working on it…


Fantastic work, beautiful modelling and beautiful animation! Fabulous attention to detail, a lot to learn here.

I need to do some Eevee work as soon as possible.

Just commenting on the awesome art piece. Would love to see add eevee to a headless option. Great job Torsten!