Vintage Sony Walkman professional

Hey guys!

I’m sharing with you my latest personal project a vintage 1980s Sony Walkman professional, modeled/textured/render in b3d 2.91 .

Render 1:

Render 2:

Render 3:

Render 4:

-you can find more details here:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Awesome texturing!


thank you !

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I hate to spoil the party but…

It’s a great Walkman and cassettes, nice texturing, modelling and decals…but the headphone pads are terrible! It’s as if you did all this work and when it came to the pads you just said “screw it”. Visibly low-poly, default shader, no texture. It’s as if you sabotaged yourself. Sorry.

Very nice texturing. Nice modeling too, but what’s the story with the headphone pads?

Lovely stuff. That is easily one of my favourite game soundtracks.

Great modeling and texturing. Just my 2 cents, the headphone pads look unfinished (low poly and unfinised textures) and the Fox Hound logo doesn’t look like a sticker to me (but I assume it should).

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Agreed with Meshmonkey. With everything looking so great, the headphone pads look like plastic instead of foam. It wouldn’t stand out so much if you just made them matte black, though the color does add some punch to the composition.
Otherwise, lovely work!

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Every things is awesome, only one things is strange, the headphone sponge shader that is too glossy like a plastic material.

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Insanely realistic !
I wish i still had mine :sweat_smile:

Thanks for this really amazing piece of art and for the reminds to an old man :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending !

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This is so :cool: !

Lovely picture, it brings back happy memories of my Walkman, and the 80s! I like your wear and tear on the Walkman. I really like your choice of clean dark background as well, the Walkman stands out so nicely.

Yes, the headphone pads and the cable too. Low poly? What a strange decision after huge amounts of exceptional work! You can’t leave it like that! It would be criminal!