Vintage Yamaha

Hi there,

I want to start with some other projects therefore I call this one here “finished” :slight_smile:

Critics & Comments appreciated.


No has anything to say about that? :slight_smile:

I like it !

Wow this looks really amazing

Good shading. Did you use anisotropic shader on those buttons?

@Jylthis: yes exactly. It’s easy to use and the results are very close to real world. Maybe a little bit of displacement using a texture could support the effect but I decided to use pure anisotropy mixed with glossy and diffuse.

This looks great. Did you base this off of a photograph or something you own? My parents still have one very similar to this, except those rectangular bars are push buttons in theirs rather than turning knobs.

Thanks! Yeah actually I own a CA-810 from 1979. It’s in excellent condition and fortunately sits directly on a shelf over my Blender workstation :slight_smile: In fact I never wanted to make a 3D model of it but I played around with the anisotropic shader of Cycles and saw the knobs on the amp - so I just modeled some in a test scene and in the end I thought “why not model the whole amp?”. Now, there it is :slight_smile:

Pretty darned cool, glooblooz. Two thumbs up.

I really don’t see how you could make this any better than it is already. It appears that the receiver is on, might add a hint of an incandescent glow at the base of those meters as this would have had tiny bulbs to light those when on.

Amazing work, especially with the use of anisotropic shader.

Thanks a lot for your comments!

@Brent: in facts the bulbs of my real CA-810 are not working any more. I really tried to achieve this glowing effect in my model with no success. But as skills grow with every project in the meantime I have a couple of ideas to get it right…

Amazing work!

Yeah well that is the way with incandescent bulbs; they burn out. I wouldn’t think it would be very hard to add a light emitting sphere or very skinny cylinder below the gauge. Must be if you couldn’t get it to work. This is amazing work.