Viola - Early WIP

(ray_theway) #1

This is the preliminary rendering of a viola. Any suggestions?
The plane below the instrument is temporary - I plan on including the viola in a different scene.
Also, I can’t figure out why light from the f-holes is shining through the back. Any ideas?

(rogerm3d) #2

if the instrument is just an extrusion than light will get through the cracks.
But if the bottom is fully filled in (no holes connectiong to top) then it
shouldn’t have this problem. Aside from that all of the instrument needs
some smoothing and also beveling on the edges. Oh and add on some
textures/more of a scene (not like you need me to tell you that :P).

(ray_theway) #3

Thanks RogerM3D. I did fill in the bottom (manually made faces by selecting 4 vertices and hitting “F” in editmode), but I started the shape a mesh circle (mistake?).
I’ll work on smoothing it (set smooth makes it look awful for some reason). I’ll just subdiv a little (that means a lot :-? )

Thanks again!

(rogerm3d) #4

or you could change to subsurface and subdivide once or twice. That will also bevel a bit. The subdivide will control the amount of bevel. Least i think that would work.

(digitalSlav) #5

if smooth and subs make it look like crap try going into edit mode and hittin ctrl+n to recalc the normals… this usually clears things up.

(VanPelt) #6

“How do you keep your violin from getting stolen? Put it in a viola case.” HA HA HA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you could try modelling the viola with a bezier curve to make it smoother.


(S68) #7

I would have started from a cube, subdivide once or twice, move vertexes, extrude if needed, model HALF viola, duplicate, flip, join remove doubles

Because you have places where there are sharp corners and set smooth makes EVERYTHING smooth.

Try to hit set smooth and THEN press ‘Auto Smooth’ button. Will be better!


(rixtr66) #8

good start.the lighting and shadowing are good,iwould recomend
smoothing,and more of an arch to the top,also the f holes should
be better represented as holes,there is usually a small rounded bead
that goes around the edges of the top,and finally a nice flame maple
type finish would add killer realism.overall a really nice job!


(ray_theway) #9

Thanks for the sugg’s. I ended up redoing the body using beziers and an alpha map for the f-holes. Here goes:
Still going to look for better body texture.

(pofo) #10

Very nice modelling there

  1. pofo

(rogerm3d) #11

much better, now it just needs the wood grain, shiny metal, and so forth,
oh and a scene for it.

(VanPelt) #12

You can also make the f-holes as a bezier shape within the body shape, they automatically cut a hole.


(shibbydude) #13

I hope you don’t mind, Ray, but here is my violin that I have been working on for a while. Inspired by another one seen on digital grafix: and my regards to stealing most of his design. I deconstructed the .blend file he has posted, stole his blueprints and made another violin with beziers and some roses too. I also gave it a texture from a satilite map of Venus (hehehe). My postprocessing is no where near kerosene’s but it looks nice. It is an example of beziers instead of an alpha map: