Violin (abstract)

Hey all. Here’s a piece I’ve decided to actually turn into a finished project.

I WAS trying to make a violin, and found that after an extracting and scaling accident I produced a cool looking model.

Thus it became an abstract piece.

i’ll be fiddling with the textures and shading.

please comment away and critique away and whatnot.

and also, i made a bridge and have it as a different file. Im kinda clueless (and not to mention sucking at searching) as to how to put that object into the violin scene.

thanks for the input in advace :slight_smile:


The bridge you posted is slightly too crisp. It also lacks the ‘dents’ at top of it for the strings to snuggle into. Something else about it also seems wrong (to the eye of a violinist :wink: )

The effect of the violin body is very neat.


here’s an update on my progress.

hope you enjoy.


here’s an update.

im kinda slow with this because i haven’t been working on it. I got a violin tail modeled. don’t know how i want to use it yet.

nobody has really commented on this stuff, so please do. i want your thoughts on it and ways you think to improve it


The main reason that no one commented on your stuff is because there really isn’t anything wrong with it, you just need to finish it. And no one can reply in the Focused Critique without critique. Like this post.

Ok, I’ve figured out what was wrong with your bridge. It is tall tall, and maybe as a side effect of that, a bit narrow.


ahhhh. yes. the bridge is a bit tall for a violin. How about for a viola, because that’s what my refference image was; a viola bridge

i used to be a violinist too, but it’s been i while so i forget those differences between a violin and a viola