Violin & Roses - textured {WIP}

(shibbydude) #1

I guess I should stop putting WIP on my posts because of the new forum changes, oh well. Here is a rather nice violin I am modeling based off of kerosene’s already kickin’ one. The design is pretty much stolen from kerosene; got his .blend file to see his proportions and then made a new one out of beziers myself (his was subsurfed). I just plain stole his bow because I didn’t want to go through all that work for something that is standardized already. The roses have 4 levels of subsurf (whew!) and the texture on the violin is a satilite map of Venus for lack of a better hardwood grain.

(VelikM) #2

Very nice! It would look better if it was cased on a peice of velvet and soften the shadows.

(shibbydude) #3

I was going to design a velvet case but I don’t think that I can make good velvet texture. Any tutorials out there? I also don’t understand python scripting so if you have a tut on that too I would be much abliged. Thanks!

(pofo) #4

Great model.

I really like the texture and don’t think you should change it. But if you need wood textures in the future, this site has a few (perhaps they would be too small for this)

They’ve even got some fiddleback mahogany.

  1. pofo

(digitalSlav) #5

now that bow… oh so wonderful. very well done my friend. haha and as for the main body of the violin the top sections have little flat areas around the outter curve that need to be removed. as mentioned above the shadows should be softened. then i think we can all leave you alone :stuck_out_tongue:

great work

(blengine) #6

great use of odd textures! =D i agree, the best part has to be that astounding bow :wink:
great scene, nice stylish lighting too

(Eric) #7

nice model, there are some things that need to be fixed before anyone can play on it thought =). First of all, the strings have all the same thickness. The strings should also be placed like this ‘oººo’, not like ‘oooo’.

(shibbydude) #8

Thanks. I’ll change:

the shadows
the flat spots
the string thickness
the string placement

I am thankful for all of the feedback and probably won’t post any more of this in the WIP section. Maybe if I have the time it will go in finished projects. Happy blending!

(dotblend) #9
some renderd in blender some renderd in virtualight

(B-headed) #10

That is really pretty…

keep up blending stuff…

(dickie) #11

my wife said: wow!
when she saw it.
it looks great man.
my only suggestions would be to
soften the shadows, especially the up close ones…
maybe turn off your shadows on all but one or two
of the spots.

good work!