Violin Theme, Full Metal Alchemist

To those of you Adult Swim, FMA watchers: Toward the end of the FMA series, the first time, AS had this trailer they would play advertising FMA, of course. And they had this really cool violin playing iin the background, the same tune was playing when Ed took that elevator down to the underground city where Dante and the Humonculous were hang’n out, hope I spelled that right. If anyone knows the name of this song could you please let me know, I think its amazing and would really like to have it.

Thanks a bunch,

I really don’t have a clue which song or tune you mean (although I currently watch FMA, even if it’s not on Adult swim), but I’d advise you to look at the tracklist of the OST (actually there are more than only one…), that usually works for me.

In what Episode was that? I have the soundtracks and I can probably easily find the name if you can tell me the episode number.


FMA original sound track maybe :rolleyes:


No.01 Kiro Way Home
No.02 Toukakoukan Equivalent Exchange
No.03 MELISSA MELISSA (TV Size ver.)
No.04 Syougou Title
No.05 Tenkoukisei Heavenly Spirit
No.06 Gairo Avenue
No.07 Omoide Memories
No.08 Manamusume Favorite Daughter
No.09 Mametsubu Renkinjutsushi Pint-sized Alchemist
No.10 Youwa Harmony
No.11 Douyou Unrest
No.12 Sennyuu Infiltration
No.13 Syundou Despicable Acts
No.14 Rouko Fortify
No.15 Shinkou Invasion
No.16 Syukumei Fate
No.17 Betsuri Parting
No.18 Hisou Pathetic
No.19 Syokuzai The Atonement
No.20 Rakuyou Beaming Sunlight
No.21 Kenjya no Ishi Philosopher’s Stone
No.22 Isyuva-ru Ishbal
No.23 Tenjyou The Heavens
No.24 Suka- Scar
No.25 An’un Ominous clouds
No.26 Kinki Taboo
No.27 Amesutorisu Amestris
No.28 Saikai Reunion
No.29 Nukumori Warmth
No.30 Hagane no Kokoro Heart of Steel
No.31 Souto Road to Manhood
No.32 Bura-Cha Brothers
No.33 Kesenai Tsumi Uneraseable Sin (TV size ver.)

That’s the first soundtrack only (out of 3). Music-wise, it covers approximatly the first 3rd of the anime.
Since the underground battle happens in the last 1/4th, I don’t think it’d be in there.