VIP Transport Spaceship WIP

This thing has been a real learning curve for me. Right now I’m trying to decide what to do about texturing. I’ve started putting together a UV map, but it’s pretty daunting (but fun at the same time).

I’m constantly amazed at what Blender can do. I’ve put together a little animation created exclusively with Blender - except the music - to show off the model (even though it doesn’t have a texture yet:o). The animation is at the bottom of this page. And the blend file can be grabbed there too.
And here are a few more renders from different angles.
Here is the current progress on the UV unwrap (ie not much).

Any hints and tips would be gratefully received. I’m currently playing with UV textures on a much simpler model, to try and learn more about them, but then it’ll be back to this one.

I’m almost tempted not to bother with a manual UV unwrap, but the folks at Vega Strike would really like one and they have been very supportive during the long history of this model’s construction.