I have finished my projects i ve made a car and this is my second car in blender:-[IMG][/IMG]
and this from back side NOS :-
i just dont know how to make nOs
:ohope you like it

Nice work for your second attempt. Keep it up.
Crits are:
You need to work on your lightning. Also put the car in some sort of scene. The gray background simply screws it up.
The modelling could also be improved. You are missing a grill and the tires seem to be slicks. Either put the stuff into a texture or model it in.
3* for a good effort and since it is your second attempt.

thanks but i dont know where is lightning tutorials:) :blush:

Nicely done. Fix the mirror a bit (switch the clipping option on ) and fix that “scar” in the middle of the car. The rest I agree with MUSK.
About the lighting tutorials, check this out , maybe will find something usefull:

Go to
and for some tutorials.
It is just a start but should get you going.

thanks to both of you i will see :slight_smile:
and i am still doin on my third car :slight_smile:

Nice car! You’ll improve in time, don’t worry. You could also get the latest Blender book:

Thanks for the replies :stuck_out_tongue: and toturials:)