Vir Romanus

Salvete, omnes!

So… after a head study transformed into a Roman sculpture, I figured I’d finish it and post it here. It’s all done with dynotopo, no multires. Overall, its about 260k polys and rendered in Cycles. I used Michalis’ great node setup with a stone texture. I tweaked the colors and values a bit, and I did some post correction in Photoshop.

Quid cogitatis? :slight_smile:


Here’s some screenshots of the process:

Did you sculpt the clothing and hair from the same base mesh, or did you add a new object and then boolean to your sculpt?

The extra details were added via separate objects. I could have used the same mesh, but I wanted to have more control over those pieces.

very cool :smiley:

wonderful! the way to go over anatomy to find a new head, is exactely what makes him so believable. and, i really love the pose and expression!

It came out beautifully.
Cloths, toga is the latin word I think, looks great.
But more geometrical drapery is needed, we’ll talk about it soon. There’s an ancient trick. Difficult to achieve it, in digital sculpting. (blender, sculptris, zbrush).
BTW It’s a pity that BA forum engine resizes (without interpolating) and adds a horrible IMO sharpening effect. So, please, click on the image to see this wonderful render.

Thanks a lot guys. I don’t feel it’s great work, but it is definitely good to get in there and experiment with this new awesome dynotopo. Yes, Michalis, more sculpting talk is exactly what we all need to achieve the best results! Back to Blender I go…