Virtual book

(Marcus) #1

Please help me. :frowning:
I’d want to create a virtual book with blender to make a game.
The most important thing I’d want to know is how to leaf through the pages by dragging the mouse.
Does anyone know how can I make it?
Thank you.

(corban) #2

what do you mean by this? should the player click on one page and then drag it until he/she sees the underlying one? (btw, would be a good idea). i worked a bit on that mouseAndBlender topic, maybe i can help (said MAYBE :smiley: )

(Ben) #3

-Make your pages (I think there are planes).Then add a Sensor mouseover that makes a property (you add a Boolean prop)true or false
If you want to click over to turn the page add at the same Add controller
a Sensor LeftButton.Then if the prop is true makes your page turn(e.g. with an Ipo curve)in one side and when it’s false in the other side.