Virtual Galaxy - Graphics Artist Required

Hopefully I am able to post this here. If not, I apologize.

Port Galaxy is a MMOG based on a virtual space port. The space port is located in the Milky Way Galaxy and is called “Port Galaxy”. It is the most widely-used space port in the entire galaxy. The space port itself has unlimited living quarters and the ability to travel through space. It moves to new locations in the galaxy once a month. On Port Galaxy, you will get the chance to create unique characters and meet “people” from all over the galaxy. You will find merchants to trade with, friends from other planets, cool clothing and items from around the galaxy, and personal rooms available to be designed. With so many possibilities, Port Galaxy can not simply be viewed as a Virtual World- it is a Virtual Galaxy!
We are currently seeking a graphics artist to create isometric graphics using a 3d rendering program. Our current graphics artist does not have enough time to complete all of the work. He currently uses Blender to create the graphics and render them out in an isometric view. He also uses GIMP to add detail to the graphics afterwards. The main thing we require, is someone who can match the graphics he has already created- as we require all graphics to look the same.
We will ask you to design several types of graphics, including “Rooms” or “Enviroments” which are generally 1024x768 but sometimes may be scrollable. Clothes and Hairstyles to fit our avatars. Items for users to collect and design their virtual rooms with. Clothes need to be fitted to the animations we use as well, such as walking, sitting, or talking. We can provide you with the blender files we currently use to help you with this process. Avatars are 96x114 as well as 64x96 as we render some things in two sizes. We will supply you with ideas for clothes, hair, items, and rooms but you will also be free to design things of your own.
We are looking for someone to complete some smaller tasks as we are approaching a beta release of Port Galaxy. Once the initial beta is released and the game starts to make a profit, we have BIG plans for new content to be added regularly, so there is a great opportunity here for someone to make money later on as well.
If you are interested in this job, you may contact me at [email protected] or send me a private message.

Wowsers! You sure have amazing graphics that no doubt reflects your dedication and the skillset of your project. Look forward to the beta release - I’m not too hot on art so can’t help, but I am still learning.