Virtual Mirror (like wings3d)

I’ve been trying to use blender after using wings3d but I can’t find a virtual mirror like tool. i.e. select a face and have the model mirrored about that face so that I don’t have to edit two halves.

Is there something like this for blender?


Asolutely. Can be a bit of a pain to line it up at first. Easiest way is to add a modifier of type “mirror”. The clipping option makes the middle seam stick as one. It’s under Editing (F9) panels.

Where in New Zealand are you?


to mirror your model and work with it… apply the modify “Mirror” and when you are done hit apply… than you have two same mirrored parts… :yes:

here is a short video… where the modifier is hidden :wink:

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Great. The mirror modifier (along with using the cursor to set the object’s origin and thus the mirror point) is indeed quite useful.

There’s hope for me yet.

I’m in Auckland.