Virtual Reality


I made this project to add something different to my portfolio and practice some hard surface modeling. The hoodie was made in Marvelous Designer, everything else was made in Blender.

Based on a design by Hiroto Ikeuchi:



We will make our own facehuggers, except instead of putting their seed into our belly they’ll put it in our brain.
Outstanding job you did there.


Awesome work Pablo, you’re #featured! :+1:

I love everything here but her eyes are my favourite.
What a shame it’s covered most of the time :slight_smile:

Great Work, Pablo.

fantasic work. the model is beautiful.

Wow! This is really exceptional, I love the clothes how did you do them?

Amazing Work! I wonder did you use any payed addons?

Great job!

Saw this on Instagram and didn’t realize it was made in Blender. Nice!

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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This is quite impressive! :+1:

What the idea behind the mask and the big objects??

Hmm weird link bart :wink:

nice work !!!

It’s not - that’s just the WordPress preview and it takes the first image from that post.

Awesome model! The details are something wonderful!

hy, very nice work.
It seems possible to import clothes from marvelous designer, does it ?

I later noticed it indeed on many other posts :slight_smile: i was a bit lazy adjusting my post :wink:

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For more information about this piece, check out the Behind the Scenes article on BlenderNation: