Virtual School Media Center Project.

I have been working on this project for a few months now on and off and have finally got the objects and meshes put in. I have textured them with rough textures and am looking to optimize and make it better looking. I usually am rendering in indigo and this is my first project in the blender GE so I am not sure where to start to get it looking better. I am not looking for crysis status but would like to get it alright looking. here is some screenshots of what I have so far…

I will upload a file later today as I am on campus and the macs make it a chore to upload something.

EDIT: here is the link to the game file, for those that would like to take a look.;12206779;/fileinfo.html

nice texturing needs a bit of work but its good

probably your level needs some (big) shading/lighting work?!
I guess that I see around 50,000 verts…go easy on total poly count?!

ugh. Looks like a school to me.

Hey!! I did one of those. Okay, so mine wasn’t the best, but it’s aight. I had NO clue how to lightmap at the time (it was brand new to BGE) and I was trying to teach these other kids Blender through the project, but it’s alright I guess… Check the sig, 2007 link.

When you say later today, umm…
That was yesterday, so…
Where is the file?

Sorry have not been able to get to a computer until now, but here it is.;12206779;/fileinfo.html

C&C are welcome as it is still a work in progress.