Virtual Singer: Megurine Luka V4X

Next in my line of Virtual Singer sculptures is Megurine Luka.
I based her off her V4X design, done by iXima. My goal was to capture an ethereal pose and mood, because Luka fits these characteristics in my mind.
Originally I only meant to create a bust, as shown further down, but then I felt like something was missing and I corrected course to a full body sculpt.

I sculpted in ZBrush with some improvement sculpting in Blender. Some parts like the diamonds and her belt were modeled in Blender too (the headphones are actually sculpted and I am weirdly proud of that). I used the Medusa Nodes Add-On by Irakli Kupunia ( for the fuzz on the clothes.
Rendered in Cycles.

At first it was important to capture the mood and feel for the character. At first Luka looked to little anime and too Disney for my tastes, but I knew I would overcome that over the process.
I struggled with the hair in the beginning, I just couldn’t get the front bangs right and the over all flow of the back part, was a struggle. Once I came across Rella’s key-illustration for Hatsune Miku Symphony 2023 ( I figured out how I want to layout the hair.


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