Visibility Support in Alembic - Setting up a rendering pipeline for tv series

Hi all!

I’m currently setting up a lighting and rendering pipeline for an animated series with a pretty simple visual style, and Im looking into Eevee for rendering, as I think it would do a perfect job. That said, this relies 100% on whether I can import alembic caches into Blender where the visibility flags are respected. We use visibility to turn on and off facial expressions, so this is an absolute must for us.

Our characters are rigged and animated in Maya.

When I’ve tested out abc cache import in Blender in 2.8, I havent found a way for it to respect the visibility, so thats why Im asking here.

Workflow would be:

  • Rig and animate in Maya
  • Bring abc cache into Blender for rendering in Eevee (including cameras)

Any help would be much appreciated! I’d love to use Blender for this :slight_smile:

Bump. Commenting as I’ve run into the exact same issue with a RBD sim exported from Houdini. All of the objects are visible on frame 1 (they should be spawned dynamically) as Blender doesn’t register the visibility per object data baked into in the .abc file. It works in Cinema 4D and if re-importing back into Houdin but not in Blender. Meaning I can’t render the sim with Eevee or Cycles :frowning: